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Chapter 6 Introduction
     Blue Cheese Salad Dressing
     Australian Mint Sauce
     Barbeque Dry Rub
     Basil Cubes
     Savory Butters
     Mint & Garlic Butter
     Cranberry-Amaretto Chutney
     Hollandaise Sauce
     Salad Dressing Mix
     Tony's Seasoning
     Elderflower Cordial
     Pepper Jelly Hot
     Spinach Walnut Pesto
     Roux, Sauces & Gravy
     Vinegars with Herbs


When you're finished with this chapter, take a look at any of the others that feature recipes and meals for soup, sauces, dessert, pasta, bread, chicken, beef, pork, breakfast, lunch or dinner, and all are easy to cook. Then dwell on some of the funny stories and anecdotes about our tour with the Air Force and the travels, trials and tribulations of a military fighter pilot.

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