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Quick Meals, Murrayville Demo Jan 12, 2010

You can find quick and easy recipes almost anywhere: newspaper inserts, TV, Internet, even the grocery store ads. We found a wonderful pulled pork recipe in an Ingles ad a couple years ago and use it several times a year.

Here are the sources we talked about plus some additional ones for further research:

Click here toTake a look at the newspaper insert called Relish at relishmag.com

Take a look at Food Network.com Also check out recipes from these shows: Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller and 30 Minute Meals

Take a look at AllRrecipes.com Search for 15, 30, 45 minute meals or use advanced search for specific prep and active cooking times.

Click here toTake a look at CD Kitchen.com

Click here to Look at BusyCooks.com

Click here to This is a collection of a dozen healthy fast food dishes that you can prepare from Womens Health magazine.

Use caution when reviewing television food show recipes since so much prep is completed for the star by their staff prior to the show.

Your copy of “Beans, Bullets, and Canapés” is available online at www.beansbullets.com for $16.95, plus tax and shipping, or direct from the author at 770-425-6735.

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