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Chapter VII. Sides and Salads

We went back to Louisiana and the A-10 and we got heavily involved with our son Drew’s swim team. Like any kids sports, this took a lot of time and the team traveled all over the state for different swim meets. During the week in the summer, Drew would go to morning practice and then their group would descend on our house for breakfast. The six of them would inhale a couple large boxes of cereal while they were cooking the pancakes (we quickly learned how to make pancake mix from scratch). This was also the summer that we bought 3 cases of chicken (66 birds) and cut them up for the freezer, just to stay ahead of the swim team. We also developed a couple really neat recipes: Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (see Soups) and the Cowboy Cookies became Swimmers Bars (see Desserts).

One year around Christmas time, we were out visiting one of our friends on base, in fact I think we were helping them put in an icemaker. Well, we got a phone call from Nick who said that the icemaker line in our attic had burst from the extremely cold temperatures, and that it was raining in the kitchen ....

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