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"After Thoughts"

I have threatened to write some sort of cookbook for a very long time. If it wasn’t for my friend Penelope marrying Scott, I don’t know if I would have ever gotten around to writing this book. Promising her a cookbook as a shower gift put a bit of pressure on me to continue. Of course, Tony taking a photo of every meal we ate for months also kept me going. “If we’re cookin’, we’re taking pictures!” almost became a daily battle cry. I thank them for giving me that little push.

I don’t know how many rewrites we did, but the final version entailed the editing assistance of our focus group who gave us a lot of good input and assistance in catching all those persistent typos. Special thanks go out to: Ed and Suzi, Cindy and Warner, Sue, Erin, Memrie, Dent, Nelson, Larry, Bill and Linda, Carolyn, Evelyn, Nestor, Vicki, Joanie, and Nancy.

Now, take a second to think about all those cooks on television or who have written big books that are encyclopedias of food. Do you think they have ever had disasters? For the writer of this little book there have been more than a few. I had the smoke alarms activate on more than one occasion at home. I have made frosting that was so hard that it had to be sawed through to get to the angel food cake inside (hermetically sealed). My sister, Michele, probably remembers pounds of onions cooking all night long with 8 pounds of black-eyed peas for New Years Day (they got a little soft). Of course that was right after I burned cheesecake batter on the bottom of the oven the previous evening (the smoke cleared in an hour).

Or the time I blew up the stove with dinner inside: Tony still gained 20 pounds that year. I fondly remember another disaster with Tony’s dog Scamp trying to get past me to the roast sliding across the floor. For years, I have tried to ...

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